Advanced Training Programs

email to be assessed for placement

Please note that the pricing is for team practice fees only.  ALL races fees, registrations, and usat memberships are solely the responsibility of the athlete

Bronze Team

Ages 10-18

Thursday 6-7:30 pm 

With coach approval and assessment

- advanced/experienced athletes

-must be able to swim 300 yards open water

-ADVANCED bike handling skills, and be able to maintain a 15 mph pace for 6 miles

- safe group riding skills

- run a half mile under 3:30 (& run 2 miles without stopping)

-the physical and mental ability to train at an advanced level with the group, follow instruction, and be COACHABLE

Silver Team

Ages 11-18

Thursday 6-7:30 pm

With coach approval and assessment

- advanced/experienced, with the intent on racing Youth Elite or Junior Elite

- must be able to swim at least 500 yards open water (proficient freestyle)

- swim 500 yards <7:30

- run 1 mile <7 minutes

- ADVANCED bike handling skills

- maintain at least a 15mph pace for an hour group ride

- clipless riding (bike shoes)

- the physical and mental ability to train at an advanced level with the group, follow instruction, and be COACHABLE

Gold Team

Ages 13+

Practices vary 

Draft-legal athletes  

Youth Elite

Junior Elite

High School Team

High School athletes (must be enrolled in HS or HS homeschool)

Practices vary 

For the West Houston (Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, etc) high school age athletes who want to compete.

This program is designed to work in conjunction with and around your HS activities, academics, etc. We know that your academics come first and will work your training AROUND busy times (ie exams) to supplement and enhance your training experience.  High school students have a unique set of needs and we aim to make the training plans fit the lifestyle.

-- Athletes who are in HS athletics programs and swim or XC/track programs will supplement the training you currently are doing with the pieces you are missing.  This means lots of communication and updating coach!

- these athletes will need to utilize Training Peaks with their coach, and will have plans created for them like our adult athletes, with the ability to join group workouts when possible.

- Contact us with questions about this program.  

Katy, Texas
 Tel: 832-364-8676
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