Practice Schedule 

(We typically follow the KatyISD school calendar, and days and times are subject to change)

January and February 2020

Thursday 6-7:30 pm ALL LEVELS (will be split amongst coaches dependent on ability/age)

Saturdays 8:00-9:00 am     All levels Swim

* some weekend bonus Bricks for the whole team and some rides for our team athletes

March- September/October 2020

Tuesdays  6-7 pm     Developmental White & Red (bike/run)

Tuesdays  6-7 pm     Pre-Elite Silver and Gold (strength & run)

Thursdays 5:30-6:30 pm     Developmental Blue (bike/run)

Thursdays 6:00-7:30 pm     Pre-Elite Bronze & Silver (bike/run)

Saturdays 8:00-9:00 am     All levels Swim

Sundays *** check schedule as weeks rotate through and depend on race schedule***  ​

November 2020- Thankful Thursdays*

Thursday 6-7:30 pm ALL LEVELS (will be split amongst coaches dependent on ability/age)

We'll also hold tryouts for 2021 in November

* No practice in December- enjoy some family time.

2020 Race Calendar

Please note that only the RED events are guaranteed to have a coach present (more dates will be updated as we firm up the calendar), and that not all events are appropriate for all of our athletes (GREEN events should be coach approved and are mostly Pre-Elite long course athletes).  Check with a coach if you are unsure.

3-4/20-      Healthy Kids Running Series (Fury sponsored)
              March 22, 29, April 5, 19, & 26
3/28/20     Royale Youth Tri and Aquathon

                       6-10: 50y/2mi/.5mi

                       11-15: 100y/2mi/1mi

4/11/20    No Label Triathlon (pre-Elite and adult)
4/18/20   Common Kids Tri

5/3/20     Typhoon Texas Kids Tri (lazy river)

                  Juniors 150/2/1- Sold out

                  Seniors 250/4/2- Sold Out

                  Splash and Dash 150/1

6/13/20     ***Tri Color Super Sprint (pre-elite and adult)


6/20/20    Woodtrace Wilderness Kids Tri

                  Juniors 100/2/1

                  Seniors 200/4/2

7/25/20    Cypress Youth Tri (pool)

                       Juniors: 50-Yard Swim, 2-Mile Bike, 1/2-Mile Run

                       Seniors: 100-Yard Swim, 2-Mile Bike, 1.15-Mile Run

8/1&2/20    ***USAT Youth and Junior Nationals (OWS)

                        7-10: Swim 100 m / Bike 5 k / Run 1 k 

                        11-12: Swim 200 m / Bike 10 k / Run 2 k

                        13-18: Swim 300 m/ Bike 10k/ Run 2.5 k

8/29/20      ***Cross Creek Pink Tri/Du (ladies only, pool)
                (pre-elite and above only)

                        200/8/2 (duathlon option: .5/8/2)

9/7/20        Little Buggy (Plano, Tx)

                        Juniors:  100m Swim – 3mi Bike – 1K Run
                       Seniors:  200m Swim – 6mi Bike – 2K Run

9/13/20       ***Try Kyle's Tri (Adults, pre-elite and relays only) (OWS)
9/20/20    Captain Kids Tri (lazy river swim)

                      "Mini mates" 100/2/.5

                      "Mates" 200/4/1

9/26/20      Splash and Dash

                         7-10: 100m/1k

                         11-15:  200m/2k   

10/4/20      ***Oktoberfest Tri (Fulshear, TX) (Adults, pre-Elite and coach approved only)
Katy, Texas
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