2020 Registration


Step 1:  To register for all classes and teams please click on the link to the right and fill out the form and enter.


Step 2:  You will receive a welcome email and be contacted by a coach or administrator to setup your first practice and billing.  The annual registration fee will be based on your athlete's level ($55 for all athletes except Pre-Elite which is $75... each additional sibling is $20, with Pre-Elite siblings being $40)

**  Teams are $95/month (2 sessions/week); $120 (3 sessions/week); $140 (4 sessions/week- Pre-Elite only)

Fundamentals Class sessions are $65/month.


***  Please note that this will pre-register them, and a physical signature on our waivers and forms will be required before or at the parent meeting and before they are allowed to practice.

***  In order to freeze or cancel, you will need to make sure to fill out the "CHANGE FORM".  This form is to change levels, days per week of practice, or in any way alter your billing for the next month.  All changes MUST happen before the 20th of the month before the changes are to take place to avoid a $20 service charge (ex. fill out the form prior to January 20th to make changes or cancel for February)

Please note that the pricing is for team practice fees only.  ALL races fees, registrations, and usat memberships are solely the responsibility of the athlete

Each Session must be paid for upon class/team placement and prior to the due date for that session (the 1st of the month).  If payment is not received, prior to the due date, you will be moved to the waitlist and may incur a $35 processing fee.

Enrollment automatically continues into the next session, and you MUST fill out a cancellation prior to the 20th of the month before. 


If you have extenuating circumstances, please call Coach Meagan 832-364-8676 
Katy, Texas
 Tel: 832-364-8676
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