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Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and is having a fantastic start to the New Year. We are so excited for the 2016 triathlon season! We have new races on the calendar, more clinics, open water swim practices, and are expanding to the 11-15 year old age group as well. Practice resumes in a week, and we are looking forward to our returning athletes and hope to see some new faces as well.

The Developmental Team will be practicing at 6 pm on Tuesday evenings again and the Performance and 11+ athletes will practice on Thursdays at 6 pm. All of our team athletes will have swim on Saturday mornings 8-9 am.

We are looking to add in more team social events (optional), some weekend family bike rides, and more fun spirit wear and gear. We can't wait to see everyone after having all of December off!

Please note that ALL athletes will need to "register" for the 2016 season, as some policies and information is updated. You will not need to pay your registration/membership fee until your 2015 one expires, if you have one. Also, note pricing and updates to the team. We are also now monthly as opposed to every 2 months.

The race calendar is up on the website and we'll be adding races as they become available, as well as nailing down which ones the coaches will attend. We're also trying out TeamSnap as a way to manage and streamline our team. Once we have a 2016 registration for you, we'll send a link to join the group.

Cheers to a wonderful 2015, and an even more exciting 2016!!!


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