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February Athlete of the Month: Pippa Hill

Pre-Race Pippa

Our spotlight athlete of the month is Pippa Hill. Pippa has been training and racing with us since 2016.

Name: Philippa Hill

Nickname: Pippa

Age: 9 (race age 10)

First Tri: Captain Kids Triathlon in Galveston, at the age of 7, because I wanted to try something new.

Favorite part of triathlon: Bike (she can RIDE!!!)

Favorite color: Green

Favorite school subject: Reading

Pippa Running it In!

Other sports you play: Volleyball and swimming

Hidden talents: Spelling

Favorite race so far: USAT Youth and Junior Nationals 2017 (Ohio)

Favorite athlete: Billie Jean King

Favorite triathlete: My Dad

Ultimate triathlon goal: Top 10 at Nationals

Future career goal: Editor

What else do you want people to know?

My dad has done more than 100 marathons and has done the Boston Marathon 5 times (soon to be 6). He has also completed 12 Ironmans.

Pippa not only has a ton of natural ability, but also has the drive to work hard and improve. She will finish a drill or set at practice and ask what she can do to make it better next time.

She also has a great combination of intellect and athleticism. I have found her reading a huge novel before a race, bookmark it, go race hard and win her age group, and then play and have fun right after. She is a prime example of what we want in youth athletics... motivated, enthusiastic, and knows how to be a kid at the same time. I can't wait to see what the season holds for her!

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