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March Athlete of the Month: Bella Castillo

Bella pre-race

Our spotlight athlete of the month is Bella Castillo. Bella has been training and racing with us since 2016.

Name: Isabella Castillo

Nickname: Bella

Age: 10

First Tri: Houston Texans Kids Tri at 9 years old

Favorite part of triathlon: Run

Bella & Papa Atlas Tri

Favorite color: All of the colors

Favorite school subject: Math

Other sports you play: Dance and Yoga (and you can tell during team dynamic stretching and yoga sessions!)

Favorite race so far: Typhoon Texas Kids Tri

Favorite triathlete: My Papa

Ultimate triathlon goal: To continue to get faster at each race.

Future career goal: Engineer, maybe.

Bella has been a wonderful asset to our team. She works hard at every drill, exercise, and game, and has made incredible progress.

Bella at Bike out

In less than about 6 months, she went from never having competed in triathlon to qualifying for our pre-elite program. Not only is she a hard-worker, but she is the sweetest kid.

It has been really cool to see her progress and I have no doubt she'll continue reaching her goals, and move into leadership roles within the team.

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