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August Athlete of the Month: Carson Padilla

Carson- finish line Towne Lake 2016

Our August spotlight athlete of the month is Carson Padilla. Carson has been racing with us for about two years, here at Fury Tri Team.

Name: Carson Padilla

Nickname: Kid C

Age: 11

First Tri: Houston Texans Kids Tri at age 8. I thought it would be fun to do. My school PE coach, Coach O, organized a group to go.

Favorite part of triathlon: Sprint finish

Favorite color: Black

Carson- bike Typhoon Texas 2017

Favorite school subject: Computer Coding/Math

Other sports you play: Lacrosse and swimming

Hidden talents: I can turn my tongue into a three leaf clover shape.

Favorite race so far: Towne Lake Youth Tri 2016, when I was 10 (the picture above is him getting to break the tape)

Favorite athlete: Michael Phelps

Ultimate triathlon goal: Ironman Kona!

Future career goal: Neurosurgeon

What else do you want people to know?

Everyone should give triathlon a shot!

Carson is a fierce competitor and can come up with more puns than any kid I have ever met. He is incredibly focused on his academics and active in his school activities and groups.

Now, Carson is working with our partner, Reason2Race, to raise money for a project at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary in honor of a family friend as he trains and races Kemah Youth Triathlon in October. You can read about it and donate here and help him reach his goal.

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