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April Athlete of the Month: Sophie Abla

Sophie @Typhoon Texas Kids Tri 2017

Our spotlight athlete of the month is Sophie Abla. Sophie has been training and racing with us since 2016.

Name: Sophie Abla

Nickname: Soph

Age: 9 (Race age 10)

First Tri: Fairfield Kids Tri 2014 (we think)

Favorite part of triathlon: Swim

Favorite color: Green

Favorite school subject: Maths

Sophie at Kemah Youth Tri

Other sports you play: Gymnastics

Favorite race so far: Typhoon Texas Kids Tri

Favorite triathlete: My Mum

Ultimate triathlon goal: The Olympics

Sophie at Cypress Youth Tri

Future career goal: Vet (she gets lots of practice being around her dogs)

Sophie joined our team with already having a bit of experience in triathlon, as well as having watched her Mum race. Over the past season and a half, she has gotten even stronger in each discipline and has begun to set goals for herself and work towards reaching them (she recently nailed her flying mount and has checked that one off the list).

Aside from being incredibly photogenic even while racing, she knows how to have fun with the team, and is always coming up with ideas. She got a taste of the podium last year and I can't wait to see what this year holds for her!!!

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