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Welcome Coach Susan

We are incredibly excited to OFFICIALLY announce the addition of Coach Susan to our Fury Tri Team coaching staff. You have probably seen her helping at practices already, but if you haven't, please make sure to stop and say hi to her next time. She is an awesome addition to the team and we are so lucky to have her.

Susan Abla:

Originally from Scotland, I have travelled the globe living in several different countries. I moved to Houston in 2010 and here found a passion for the challenge of Triathlon. I have a background in several different sports. Most notably I am a British Horse Society qualified riding instructor and a YRT200 yoga instructor. I have also worked as an elementary school teaching assistant for five years and I love working with kids.

Last year my two big achievements were Texas 70.3 in Galveston and the Houston Marathon. I truly believe the challenge and effort you put into achieving your triathlon goals transfers across to any other challenges and hurdles you encounter in your life. It is not just a physical strength you develop, but a mental strength and resilience too. I have two children, Eissa age 9 and Sophie age 8. They love doing triathlons too. I think it's a great sport for kids to be involved in.

I am really looking forward to helping Coach Meagan and learning from her, and can't wait to help all the kids on the team with the Tri season coming up in 2017!

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