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May Athlete of the Month: Caden Davis

Our spotlight athlete of the month is Caden Davis. Caden is a founding member of the Fury Tri Team and has been training and racing with us since 2013.

Name: Caden Davis

Age: 9 (race age of 10... only a few days until his birthday)

How many triathlons have you done: 27

Favorite leg of triathlon?

the bike

Favorite Pre-Race meal?

Pizza (team dinner)

Favorite race so far?

Houston Texans Kids Tri

What are you most looking forward to this race season?

Nationals in August

What are your goals for this race season?

finish my 30th race

Why did you start triathlon?

I saw my Dad race when I was little and wanted to try it, and I knew my Mom had raced too.

Who is your favorite pro triathlete?

Hunter Kemper

What is the most fun thing about triathlon?

Its a great way to meet new kids and racing is a lot of fun!

I have also gotten to go on several trips for races and gotten to compete at LSU and A&M University.

What do you hope to do in the future as a triathlete?

I want to do an Ironman and go to Kona!

If your athlete would like to be featured as our Athlete of the Month, email us at and let us know all about them! Feel free to include pictures.

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